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OFSTED Report 2017

This school continues to be good.

 Broughton Moor provides a caring and welcoming environment, where pupils’ individual needs are met. Pupils enjoy coming to school and wear their uniform with pride.

One pupil said, ‘The best things about our school are the teachers and our friends, we all look after each other.’

Pupils are now confident to take risks and learn from their mistakes.

The school is at the heart of the community. It is highly regarded by local parents and parents who live in neighbouring villages who chose the school because of its good reputation.

The outdoor environment in the early years has been transformed. It provides stimulating and exciting activities where children develop their language and number skills. As a result, children make good progress from their starting points and are thriving because of the excellent relationships established.

One parent was of the opinion that, ‘This school is well led by the headteacher, the quality of teaching is excellent and all the children are well behaved. It offers a very safe and caring environment, my children enjoy going to school.’

Pupils said there was no bullying at the school, but if it did happen they were confident that their teachers would ‘sort it out quickly’.


Ofsted Report 2014

An inspection of the school took place on Wednesday 2nd July 2014. Please click above for the report. We all love our school. We are very proud of all our children and staff and that our family school was so highly regarded by Ofsted!


"Increasingly good links with the community and the local pre-school setting are ensuring that the school is at the heart of the community it serves." OFSTED 2013

"Good and sometimes outstanding teaching helps pupils of all abilities and groups to make good and sometimes outstanding progress." OFSTED July 2014

"From their typically low starting points, pupils achieve well to reach standards that are above average by the time they leave at the end of Year 6." OFSTED July 2014 

"Pupils’ behaviour is outstanding and this is supporting the rapidly accelerating progress they are now making. Pupils say that they feel extremely safe in school and that they are very well cared for." OFSTED July 2014

"The headteacher is driving improvement through the school with energy, determination and skill, fully supported by all the staff and the governing body. He has reshaped staffing and introduced new ways of working to help raise achievement. Staff morale is high as the impact of these changes become apparent." Ofsted July 2014

"The school’s leaders are very well supported by the governing body who share the same determination to improve the school still further." OFSTED July 2014

"It makes my job so much easier to do because I don't have to keep repeating myself and the children listen to what they need to do straight away. I am really impressed by how much progress they have made" - swimming teacher, March 2014

"Your pupils are a tremendous credit to your school; their participation, behaviour and involvement throughout my presentations were superb!" Stuart Reid, April 2014 - author of Georgeous George and the Giant Geriatric Generator, silver medal winner at the Forward National Literacy Awards.

Thank you, for making our childs introduction to education a very positive and happy experience. I have never known a child so eager to get to school. Recently she picked up a stomach bug so we had to keep her off, she became so upset at being told that she couldn't attend, we had to tell her that school was closed for the day. Carry on the wonderful work. Many thanks.

Two happy parents and 1 very happy child  


The school council were awe inspiring - could even make me think of returning to teaching!   Governor monitoring 4th October 2018


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Results 2020 and 2021 Key Stage 2 tests were cancelled by the Department for Education due to COVID 19 pandemic. At Broughton Moor, teachers used formative and summative assessment to plan the next steps in learning

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