At Broughton Moor Primary School we are committed to providing a curriculum which is interesting, engaging, diverse and aspirational. Our core aim is to ensure all pupils attending Broughton Moor receive a rich and diverse curriculum which develops long-term knowledge of a range of subjects critical to their lives in modern Britain. It is essential that pupils remember and can apply their knowledge when encountering new learning and different contexts.

Pupils’ development as self-critical, independent and reflective learners is at the heart of our school curriculum and we encourage a broad and balanced school experience which enables pupils to develop the skills necessary to succeed as life- long learners.  Developing the cultural capital that pupils need to succeed in the future is  absolutely critical and we foster high expectations for all; removing external barriers to ensure all are able to access the same high quality curriculum offer. We believe that all pupils at Broughton Moor have an equal right to achievement and personal growth; both academically, emotionally and socially.

Our whole school aims underpin our curriculum intent and are a critical part of the work of the school. We want our pupils to be kind and caring individuals who take their roles in school and society seriously. Contributing to the life of the school and the wider community is a key part of our work in fostering pupils’ understanding of their responsibility as positive citizens both within the school and society.

In developing the school curriculum, we have reviewed our commitment to ensuring all pupils experience a range of exciting and engaging opportunities that place learning into a meaningful context. Providing curriculum experiences that are closely linked to the context of our school is essential in ensuring all pupils have an exciting, engaging and memorable curriculum offer.Our school curriculum is designed to achieve several critical aims:

  • To develop pupils’ curiosity for learning and a thirst for future knowledge and learning experiences.
  • To ensure pupils develop the necessary skills and knowledge within each curriculum area and make clear progress at each stage of their education across the curriculum.
  • To ensure pupils are thoroughly prepared for the next stages of their education.
  • To develop creative, resilient and aspirational learners who recognise that failure is a part of the learning process.
  • To provide opportunities for pupils to develop their own skills and talents through the curriculum and wider school experiences.
  • To offer a wealth of experiences which broaden the pupils’ horizons, both within the context of the school and the wider community.
  • Ensure that content knowledge is progressive in each year and that pupils develop the skills to apply their learning across a range of contexts and subject areas.

The National Curriculum can be accessed here

We follow the scheme provided by phonics play throughout school. 
Phonics Play