Meet our Governors

Ian Mackenzie - Vice Chair of Governors:  I'm proud to be part of the team as a member of the Governing Board at Broughton Moor Primary serving the community and supporting the school.  Being part of the team that helps our school grow and develop is both a rewarding and challenging role.  The reward part is seeing & hearing just how well our children are developing and growing through experiential learning provided by our whole school teaching team.  One of the biggest challenges is the impact of the current economic climate is having in being able to help provide the best possible quality of education for our pupils, with the limited resources that we have.  As a governing board we, continue to develop our skills in governance leadership and strategic planning, in continuing to support and challenge the school headteacher to make informed decisions and best possible outcomes: for school; pupils and our community.

"It takes a whole village to raise a child" is believed to originate from the Igbo & Yoruba people of Nigeria.  This wonderful saying beautifully captures how an entire community of people must work together and interact with children for them to experience and grow in a safe and healthy environment.  Our whole community of Broughton Moor is key to supporting the children who attend our school.  We all have a part to play, working together, we can increase our reach and impact, deliver the best possible education, raise aspirations and keep Broughton Moor Primary sustainable for the next generations.

Karen Barley - I am delighted to be a Co-opted Governor at Broughton Moor Primary School. I am also a Head Teacher at a small rural, local primary school so I understand the rewards and challenges that working in education present. I became a Governor as I feel strongly about supporting the whole school, Head Teacher, staff, children and families, and believe working together as communities and professionals makes a difference. I am proud to be part of the wonderful community and the amazing work they do everyday.

Joe Haniak - Chair of Governors. Worked at Sellafield Ltd for 8 years, in various roles cross  Programme, Project and Commercial management. I became a governor because I am extremely passionate about pupils getting the best education, and I want to ensure Broughton Moor Primary School becomes a steeple in the community. 

Rebecca Stamper - Currently on maternity leave. 

Kathryn Ambrose – Health & Safety governor. I have worked at Sellafield Ltd for 5 years, starting in Health & Safety before moving into projects embedding sustainability, the environment, and community into project delivery. I became a governor because I am enthusiastic about helping children do better at school and want to support Broughton Moor Primary School in enabling everyone to be the very best version of themselves.

Paul Brotherhood - As Headteacher I'm proud to be part of our wonderful community. Our children grow throughout their time at our small school and leave us well rounded, confident and ambitious for their next steps in life. I'm biased in saying I think our school is amazing with supportive staff, opportunities to take part in lots of activities and become an individual. As a Governor I take pride in our achievements and the amazing children we work with every day. I think we provide a wonderful start to education for all of our children and would be delighted to show you round our school anytime. 

Ofsted July 2017

The school’s leaders are very well supported by the governing body who share the same determination to improve the school still further.

Governors have an accurate view of the school’s strengths and areas for improvement. They are well informed and have a good understanding of pupil performance data and, as a result, they are able to challenge as well as support leaders. Governors also have a good understanding of the quality of teaching through the headteacher’s reports and the programme of governor visits. They are aware of the links between teachers’ pay and performance. Governors have a good understanding of how the pupil premium and the additional sport funding are used and the positive impact these are having on pupils’ progress and their physical well-being. Governors bring a wide range of skills which they use to good effect and where there are gaps they actively seek training to fill them. Financial management is secure and resources are managed effectively.


"Visited parent and toddler group, Y3/4, Y5/6, 1/Y2 and R. I was amazed at the numbers attending toddler group – they filled the hall! This must be a good way of introducing young children and their parents to the school.

The atmosphere throughout the classrooms was calm and purposeful – children remained focused on their task.

Throughout the morning visit I didn’t hear an adult need to raise their voice or speak firmly to a child".

Governor monitoring visit 20th May 2019

 "It was a pleasure to attend a meeting of the school council on Monday 7th September. The children discussed issues of concern to the school with interest and focus. They listened carefully to what each other had to say and made very relevant responses.

I'll be discussing the action points from the meeting with the rest of Governors, to see what we can achieve and I'm certainly hoping to be invited to more school council meetings".

Mr Ian Mackenzie- 9th September 2020 

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There are no members of staff in school earning more the £100,000

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