Some Important Reminders

WATER BOTTLES: Research agrees that children learn less well when they are dehydrated. We encourage the children to keep water bottles in the classroom and they can top these up during the day. Please do not send flavoured or fruit drinks though unless they form part of a packed lunch.

SNACKS: The children may bring a piece of fruit for their mid morning snack. Fruit is already provided by school for infant children. Sweets and cereal or energy bars are not allowed as part of our policy on healthy eating.

NUT FREE SCHOOL: We have children at school with intolerance and allergy to nuts and lentils. Please do not include nutty spreads or nuts in your children's packed lunches.

TUMMY UPSETS: Please do not send children to school if they have been sick or had an upset tummy in the last 18 hours. This will help prevent the spread of unwanted bugs.

ILLNESS: If your child is ill with a virus or bacterial illness then please let the school know promptly. We may have children or staff in school who is particularly vulnerably to certain illness and we need to know if there are cases of diseases such as parvovirus, measles, chicken pox or mumps in the school population. Needless to say children should not return to school until given the all clear.

Tummy upsets are often particularly easily spread in schools. If your child has an upset tummy or is sick then they should not return to school until at least 24 hours from their last episode.